Team Building Sessions That Work!

We all know that the needs of every team is unique and that is why we have a wide range of programmes to satisfy different tastes and learning objectives.

Most of our teambuilding programmes have been fine tuned over the last 13years (since early 2003) to bring out the best engagement and learning. However, we understand that each client may have their specific requirements and adjustments can be made to the programmes should you feel that there is a need to do so.

Indoor Programmes (Scroll down for Outdoor Programmes)

  1. DISC workshop – One of our flagship programme highly recommended for newly formed teams or teams with high percentage of new members. It helps participants learn about their own strengths and possible areas of improvements, as well as how to change their behaviour to work with people who are different from them. We can use the pen and paper profile and administer it on the spot or the electronic report which is filled up beforehand (the latter costs slightly more). Duration for this programme can be half a day, 1 day or two days. Options for after training coaching for action plan is also available.
  2. NLP workshops – Neuro Lingistic Programming has been popular in the last 30years to help people understand how the mind works and how to tap into the power of the unconscious mind. Through our NLP workshops, we are able to customise workshops that best suits the profile of the group. Popular topics include “Sales”, “Coaching”, “Communication & Influence”, “Change” and “Motivation”. Workshops can be customised to fit half a day, one day or two day schedules (do take note that these workshops are not the 7-day NLP certification course that we also provide).
  3. Builder – Builder is our classic structure building programme, where teams are tasked to build a structures that meet seemingly impossible requirements. Through brainstorming and determination, they are eventually able to complete the task. Builder has has helped countless teams learn more about importance of working as a team, sharing of vision, working as a team and planning and execution. Other lessons in this programme includes collaboration, communication between team members .
  4. Showtime – Showtime are our game shows that can be done with participants seated in a meeting setting or over dinners. They are quiz like teambuilding programmes with a twist. Teams are tested with questions of varied genre, tasks that requires creativity and team work and it can be customised to include questions relating to your meeting themes or corporate values.
  5. Culture Shock – Culture shock was developed to help participants understand more of how westerners and asians differ in their thoughts and behaviour and also how we can leverage on each others’ strengths to create a stronger team. Participants answer a set of questions beforehand and they will get “rewarded” or “punished” based on the accuracy of their answers
  6. Desert Survival Experts – Teams are tasked with the challenge of ranking items that will help them survive in a desert individually, then they discuss and come out with a group ranking. A model answer is then given and they will see for themselves that group thinking gives better results (usually).
  7. Teamworks – Short team building challenges customised to bring out specific learnings. Participants are briefed, given time to prepare, then pit their skills with the other teams to complete the challenges. This programme promotes some friendly competition among the teams.
  8. Transformers – Teams build and programme a robot to complete tasks using robotics kit with simple programming. An interesting programme as a variation to traditional structure building activities
  9. Ultimate Roadster – Teams build a race car out of carton boxes (including the wheels!) and race against the other teams with one of their team mates in the driver’s seat.
  10. Video Production – Teams are challenged to create a script and storyboard based on a theme and produce a video clip within the stipulated time. Creativity, getting out of their comfort zones and loads of fun makes this a special team event where they will remember for a long time. They also get to see their edited video clips after a few hours.
  11. Charity Mini Golf – Teams create mini golf challenges with can food and staples and compete with other teams. All foodstuff are donated to charitable organisations after the event.
  12. Custom Warriors – Team members hide a some “contraband items” among them for opponent teams to search. Teams are graded based on timing they take to clear the belongings.


Outdoor Programmes

  1. Synergy Race (amazing race like programme) – This is one of our flagship programmes which we have clocked more than 500 runs (as of 2015). It’s advantage includes giving participants a chance to enjoy the outdoors, low cost (no venue booking required), weather proof (checkpoints can be sheltered), and customisable learnings (station team building challenges can be selected from a list)
  2. Laser Shootout! – Using infra-red powered guns, participants engage in a skirmish with opponents. It is not all about brawn thought as each battle involves different scenario and strategy. Participants can also leverage on the strengths of each team member and assign them a suitable role (NOTE: This programme can also be done entirely indoors)
  3. Sandcastle Wars! – Using adult sized sandcastle sets, participants are taught to build large sandcastles. This programme can be competitive (where they will “bomb” one another’s castle at the end) or collaborative, where they work together to build a larger castle.
  4. Vehicle Rally – Similar to the Synergy Race above, the vehicle rally is larger scale and allows teams to travel to more interesting locations.
  5. Unite Series – Unite series are modified sports (e.g. Softball, Table Soccer, Captain’s Ball) popular with the energetic groups. They are highly competitive and fun!
  6. Rocket Scientist – Teams build a paper rocket that can be flown across the width of a soccer field.
  7. Beach-a-thon – Mini “minute-to-win-it” type of challenges where either individuals or teams compete to win points.
  8. Rags to Riches – Participants pitch their face to face “selling” skills with other teams to see how much money they can collect for the adopted charity.
  9. Catch Me If You Can – Teams are given three missions which their “fugitives” have to complete without being captured by the “detectives”.
  10. Mini Ninja Challenge – Teams complete a mini obstacle course that tests their strength, endurance and agility. Activity is supervised by Professional Physical Trainer with 10years’ experience in personal training.