A positive attitude goes a long way.

We just conducted a “amazing race” type team building programme for Eastsprings Investment in Hong Kong last Thursday.

It was a customised race, restricted to Tsim Sha Tsui, where they had their meeting at Sheraton Kowloon Hotel, and Central, as they did not want their participants to travel too far.

We have probably conducted 50 races in Hong Kong since 2009 and this time something went very wrong… Team 1, in their excitement, actually boarded the wrong ferry and went towards Wanchai instead of Central ferry pier from TST ferry terminal.

The boss was in that team.

During debrief, I invited representatives from each team to share what they have learnt from the activity and they shared about their experience and said that they “were celebrating on the ferry for making the right decision to take the cab to the ferry pier before any other team when suddenly they realised that they were going the wrong direction”.

What happened afterwards was extraordinary. Because of the fact that they knew that they were late, the pushed on even harder and managed to complete the race and return to the end point before the stipulated cut-off time. They even overtook another 2 teams were the third placing in terms of timing (even though timing only gave them a 1 point advantage over the 2 teams behind them).

Teams that are able to exhibit positive attitudes like this are set to achieve great results. I commended them for their being positive, not allowing their negative thoughts to distract them and went on to announce the results of the challenge.

The results were amazing, Team 1, the team that “got lost”, actually over took all the other teams in terms of points and won the challenge to become the winning team of the day!

What a day for experiential learning!