We have been running fun team building sessions and team building training since early 2003. When we first started, we were one of the first team building specialist companies in Singapore (excluding traditional classroom trainers and outdoor adventure companies). Back then if you tried to look for a team building specialist company, you will probably only find 2 companies, one of them is us and the other one is now defunct.

Today, many event companies market team building programs, some of them work with traditional classroom trainers who help them run team building sessions, In fact we do work with some events companies to provide team building programs to their clients – but we ONLY use our own staff who are experienced in conducting team building games for participants from across the globe.

We have come a long way since the early days when we were trying hard to convince people that our team building games are different, fun and our team building programs are effective training tools.

Today, we have been priviledged to have numerous large multi-national companies, mostly based in Singapore and a few from Hong Kong, USA and India, under our clientele list and our unsolicited testimonials from team building participants accumulated over the years also speak for themselves.

Having said that, being a thoroughbred team building specialist company, we are by no means complacent; instead we feel encouraged to work harder, especially in the area of research and development, to equip ourselves with more team building programs so as to continuously serve our existing clients, as well as attract other potential customers who are looking for team building specialist companies.

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