Carton Box Team Building in Sanya, China

Our team was invited to conduct a team building session for FrieslandCampina Hong Kong Limited in Madarin Oriental Hotel in Sanya, China. We recommended our carton box rafting team programme, called “raft-play!”.

There were about 150 participants and they build 2 large rafts using carton boxes, strings and some tape. Representatives from each team then paddled the large rafts in the sea for a short distance in a friendly match.

All in all, the 150 participants:
1. organised themselves, assigned roles, checked to make sure everyone knew what they had to do and learnt about working together with a common goal;
2. stretched themselves (and the seemingly fragile materials) to meet the seemingly impossible challenge over a short time;
3. had fun;
4. enjoyed the superb scenery in Sanya.

This activity is highly recommended for groups with participants who are hands-on, and prefer a slightly physical challenge, as opposed to strategic thinking type of team programme. It can be conducted for small group sizes of 6 to a few hundred participants at one time.

We have conducted this programme numerous times, in Singapore, Sentosa will be the ideal location as it has an enclosed lagoon. It is still possible at other beaches but we will not encourage participants to paddle the carton box raft too far out into the open sea.

If you are looking for something physical but prefer not to go through the hassle of washing and changing into new clothes after the team event, we will recommend our “Ultimate Roadster” (carton box race car challenge). It is very similar to “raft-play!” in that participants will make a mode of transportation out of carton boxes that can transport some of their colleagues. However, “Ultimate Roadster” can be done entirely inside a large function room.

Enjoy the pictures here:


DSC03936 DSC03985