Indoor and Outdoor Team Building Programmes

Announcing the launch of our new indoor team building game, anergy beat-it!

Being team building specialists, we pride ourselves for having he widest range of indoor and outdoor teambuilding programmes in Singapore. What’s more, we also have a list of venue partners that we work with to give you a one stop team building service that cannot be compared.

We have recently added a new indoor team building game, anergy beat-it! to ou arsenal of programmes. “Beat-it” utilises common household items like pails, cans, buckets and containers and most importantly, coordination from participants to create an unforgettable musical experience.

Beat it can be played in almost any venue, as long as it is quite and we are allowed to make some coordinated noises with our instruments. As long as the team works together and put their hearts and minds to it, the “noise” will eventually transform to muisc and the experience will bond participants.

Through the session, participants will not only bond as a team, they will also learn about the following team building lessons:

1. coordination and communication
2. listening
3. leadership
4. leveraging on the strengths of each participant
5. importance having fun 

Anergy beat it stands out from our other popular outdoor team building programmes like laser shootout (using laser tag guns) and synergy race (similar to Amazing Race we see on TV) because it is an activity that does not have age restriction. As long as you enjoy music, you can participate in this game.

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