Laser Tag Combat Shooting Game for fun or for team building

If you are cracking your head for the next teambuilding event for your colleagues, here’s an idea you can use.

Organise a Laser Tag Game for them! The Laser tag equipment that they use are safe even for children as they emit only infra-red light, which means, even your lady colleagues won’t mind giving it a go.

Do take note that it is a physical sport and they may not be required to run but they will have to hold their weapons and hide from “enemy fire” during the 15 to 20 mins game time.

Laser Tag Shootouts! can be played as a team bonding game or it can be used to share on values like leadership, communication, planning before execution, adapting to changes and motivation. To find out about this combat laser teambuilding, just follow this link:

Laser Tag games are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people become aware of this exciting game. It is simliar to laser quest, which uses indoor laser tag equipment, and played in a dark arena. Laser Shootout! usese outdoor laser tag equipment and can be play under the broad daylight. The range of the laser tag guns are also much longer, making the game more realistic to outdoor combat simulation.

Another interesting thing about laser tag is that it does not involve any projectile and you can have a laser tag party in almost any public park (subject to approval from relevant authorities). The laser tag games also do not leave any mess behind, so approval is usually not an issue.

To find out more about laser tag games, you may visit these sites:

Team Building with Laser Tag – professional teambuilding services OR Laser Tag Party -  laser tag party at your doorstep.


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