Modified Sports Day – änergy Unite Series (Team Bonding Idea 3)

änergy unite is a series of modified sports primarily for team bond purposes. The rules are modified so as to bring out emphasise more on team effort and we use soft sponge balls instead of the usual hard ball that can be intimidating to those who usually do not play sports or to ladies, who are more gentle.

Line Soccer
Line soccer is played like the table futsal with the participants linked to gether like the pawns. It is extremely fun to play and not as physical as the actual street soccer or 11-a-side soccer.

Captain’s Sponge
Captain’s sponge is basically captain’s ball played with a wet sponge. Captian’s ball is a cross between net ball and basket ball. Basically you can’t run with the ball, you can only pass it to your team mates and the court is marked out like a basket ball court (unlike netball where there are zones).

Ruler Hockey
Ruler hockey is basically hockey game played with rulers and a small ball. This mini hockey game will definitely be a barrier breaking activity where you will get to see a different side of some colleagues.

Air Ball
Air ball is played in a volleyball court. Played like volleyball, but with a giant beach ball, this game is slower as compared to the real volleyball game but still requires skill and teamwork to excel. As the giant beach ball is soft unlike the real volleyball, this game is very popular with lady participants, who usually get bruises on their hands after trying out volleyball.

Bumper Polo
Bumper Polo has to be played in a waist deep pool, it is modified from water polo and played with players seated in rubber car tubings. Being in waist deep water also means that participants can choose to wade or swim! It is a hilarious game that ensures maximum participation.

Ultimate Frisbee Competition
Ultimate frisbee is played like captian’s ball but with a frisbee, the game promotes team sportsmanship and does not require a refree! It can be a little physical if the field is large.

Whacky Olympics
Backward sprints, ugly high jumps, 4×4 with funny objects are just some of the funny races that you can conduct for your colleagues, just brainstorm for a couple of races and start an olympics for your company!

The above are just some of the games that we can do for your group. If you need our assistance to make your corporate sports day whacky (but highly interesting and entertaining) just drop fill up the contact form with the required details and our teambuilding consultant will contact you shortly.

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