Team Building & Team Bonding Idea 9 – Improve Relations Among Colleagues

Having conducted team building session for more than 3 years, we realised that there is a common problem that the modern day MNCs face. Staff that are so busy that they talk over emails, and when they do talk, it is mostly about work related stuff. Most of them do not have time to chat about anything else. In comes the team building specialist.

We all know emails are a integral part of most (if not all) buisnesses today, but we also know that emails are not the best form of communication around, especially when you want to find out how people feel.

Not having time to chat is good in a sense – it means that the human capital in the work place is fully utilised to produce results for the company. On the other hand, we have to be aware that human beings are not machines, they have feelings. Too much communication over emails is not good for team building or for building relationships.

In team building, one very important course is the DISC course. If you are familiar with DISC personality profile, the “S” and the “I” traits (both relational people) represents a total of 80% of the population. This means that more likely than not, 80% of the colleagues in your office wants some form of connection with thier colleagues. They thrive on knowing how people are and how they make them feel. This also implies that in the long run, if this need of the people are not satisfied, they may malfunction. Resentment may go (and grow) unnoticed.

This also means that people who are of the “D” and “C” trait have to learn to be relational to the other 80% of the population!

One very good team buidling and team bonding exercise that we learnt while working with Nokia’s Human Resource Manager, Mr. Satoshi Ishizaka is to introduce “Coffee Time” to the work place. Set aside one day a week for staff to come into the office either 15 minutes earlier (or come in on the same time but start work 15 minutes later) and sit around to have coffee while they chat on anything but work. According to Mr. Satoshi, this exercise has help his staff build relationships and achieve some team building objectives.

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