via Zoom, Teams or Google Meet!

Some of the most effective solutions aren’t entirely new – they’re adapted from existing ones.

With the on going measures to curb COVID19 virus, we have gotten several request to conduct our team building programmes online.

With some adjustments, some of our most popular indoor team programmes can be delivered online, achieving similar results.

Brief of some of our virtual team building programmes include:

Brains, Brawn & Bucks (1.5 – 2hrs)
A game show adapted from Dr Howard Gardner’s research on multiple intelligences, this activity challenges individual teams on a wild genre of topics and also include physical challenges that individuals may have to be assigned to complete.

Multi-builder Remixed (1.5 – 2hrs)
This is a classic structure building team building programme with a twist. Participants are required to build a structure to meet a specific purpose (e.g. height, function or load requirements… etc) within a short time. Being conducted on video conferencing means that teams will have to coordinate over separate team chats before coming together to showcase their final product.

Paramount Conquest (3hrs)
A fast paced, real time team challenge where participants have to delegate duties, gather resources, delegate duties and implement changes to their plans to complete their mission.

Teams compete on a giant board where they can see the progress of other teams but without knowing exactly how well they are doing.

Board Game Mania (2hr)
Golden classic board games like “Taboo”, “Charade” and “Win, lose or draw” never cease to bring laughter and bond participants in a casual setting – even when played over Zoom, Teams or even Google Meet.

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